Florida – National Champions

National Championship

2008 National Champions: Florida Gators

The Florida Gators wrapped up the 2008-09 bowl season with a 24-14 BCS Championship Game victory over Oklahoma.

As always, quarterback Tim Tebow served as the primary catalyst for the Gators, rushing for 109 yards, passing for 231 and two touchdowns, and providing the throw-back toughness and leadership that no longer seems unusual only because we expect it from him. Many commercial sites have thorough reviews of the game … my favorite is probably Pat Forde’s profile of Tebow on ESPN.com. Whether you are a Florida fan or not, the young man is impressive on and off the field.

Congratulations to Florida.

Bowl Season Wrapup

Professor’s Picks finished the bowl season with a 21-13 record.

That middling W-L mark does not compare so well with last year’s 24-8 run, but does include a correct prediction in the BCS title game for the sixth straight season (LSU over Oklahoma, USC over Oklahoma, Texas over USC, Florida over Ohio State, LSU over Ohio State, Florida over Oklahoma).

The regular season Prof’s Pick predictions finished at 68-24 this year as compared to 73-21 and 78-17 the previous two campaigns.

Also, particular congratulations on prognostication should go the staff at Game Day Weekly (especially Stan Hall and Max Howell) for correctly predicting Florida over OU in the title game at the start of our preseason rankings. We at GDW had Florida #1 at the start of the season at a time when many did not pick the Gators to win the East Division of the SEC.

Coming Soon

Two posts should be forthcoming in the next week or so. First will be a look back at the 2008 college football season with national and SEC reviews.

Then, a question that has been on my mind a while: Is Tim Tebow the greatest college football player ever? I’ve put some thought into this (and as a Georgia and Notre Dame fan it is a bit painful at times) but that has become a legitimate question. His legacy is secure no matter what, but if he comes back in 2009 Tebow might well be remembered as the very best.

Check back soon at The Campus Game for an analysis of the Gator great’s place in posterity.


Thanks to all of you who take the time to visit the site and read about America’s most exciting sport- college football – The Campus Game!

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