All A-Twitter

In early January, a snowstorm blanketed north Georgia with anywhere from six to ten inches of snow … a veritable blizzard by Peach State standards.

With campus classes canceled for an entire week and a severe flu/cold curtailing outdoor time, I propped up in front of the fireplace with a couple of books. I never got through them because something else set my mind a-twitter.

Actually it was Twitter.

Understand that my social networking is pretty much limited to phone calls from buddies a couple times a week to discuss (in order): 1) Georgia football … 2) SEC football … 3) our summer golf trip … and 4) the demise of America unless people as smart as us are soon elected.

That changed when I started fooling around with my wife’s Christmas present to herself … an I-Touch.

Up to then, my only previous experience with the world of Twitter came from warning students to turn off cell phones during class. But after figuring out how to connect to the internet with the I-Touch, I soon came across a sportswriter’s blog that linked to his twitter account (I think it was the great Joe Posnanski). After clicking it and taking a few minutes to set up an account … I was hooked.

Soon, I was reading immediate updates from college football bowls and NFL and college basketball games … learning of the travel woes suffered by Peter King and Posnanski, that Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly had a new pair of boots from the Sun Bowl that he really liked … that the sports business guy (Darren Rovell) must have a keyboard available at all times as he tweets so much … that I can get the latest blog posts or articles from Stewart Mandel, Pat Forde, Tony Barnhart, or anybody else as soon as they go online … that King is kind of prickly in responding to tweets and he leaves his comments at the end of the tweet (most put them at the beginning) …


OK – most of you probably knew this stuff years ago, and I still don’t know how to send a tweet, retweet, or respond to a tweet (although I’ve accidentally done so a couple times), but … oh wait Darren Revell tweeted 9 minutes ago that the first question at President Obama’s press conference was not about Libya but the greater conflict between the NFL and NFLPA … gotta go!

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