SEC East 2009 Best Worst

Best Case – Worst Case Scenarios

Predicting in August how a season will finish in December … well, futile is the word.

Still, with preseason camps for the 2009 season getting underway, let’s examine best case-worst case scenarios for the various conferences. We’ll start with the SEC … the SEC West was posted earlier; here is the SEC East.

SEC East

1. Florida

Prediction: 12-0 (8-0)
Best Case: 12-0
Worst Case: 10-2
Comment: Gators are an overwhelming choice to win the division and compete for a third national title in four years. The division should not be a problem, but meeting those national expectations will be a challenge. Potential stumbling blocks are at LSU, Arkansas the next week, Georgia, and FSU.

2. Tennessee

Prediction: 9-3 (5-3)
Best Case: 10-2
Worst Case: 6-6
Comment: Should Lane Kiffin’s first squad get much offensive production, the Vols could jump out to a nice start (although Florida will probably beat them up pretty good). If the Vols handle UCLA, Auburn, and Georgia at home (possible), they could go to Alabama at 5-1. Probable losses at Florida, Alabama, and Ole Miss.

3. Georgia

Prediction 8-4 (5-3)
Best Case: 10-2
Worst Case: 6-6
Comment: The Bulldogs are one of the more intriguing teams in the conference, and almost earn a 9-win prediction. However, as a Dog of the Vince Dooley era, I’ll err on the side of pessimism. New QB Joe Cox will be thrown into the cauldron early with a game at Oklahoma State. The Dogs get past the Pokes and follow up with a home win over South Carolina, but fall at Arkansas in week 3. Other losses are to Florida, and two from among LSU, at Tennessee, and at Georgia Tech.

4-6 (Tie). Kentucky

Prediction: 6-6 (2-6)
Best Case: 8-4
Worst Case: 4-8
Comment: Most preseason prognosticators send the Wildcats to the East cellar, but I think they’ll be sharing that space with South Carolina and Vandy. To get to six wins, the Cats must beat Miami-Ohio, Louisville, LA-Monroe, Miss State, Eastern Kentucky, and one team from a group of at South Carolina, at Auburn, at Vandy, at Georgia, and Tennessee.

4-6 (Tie). South Carolina

Prediction: 5-7 (2-6)
Best Case: 8-4
Worst Case: 2-10
Comment: Could this be Steve Spurrier’s swan song? I hope not because the visored one brings so much to college football … but, in reviewing the Gamecock schedule I have trouble getting them to five wins (my initial picks had them at only four). Let’s give them a road win at NC State (iffy), and home triumphs against Florida Atlantic, SC State, Vandy, and Kentucky. Tough to find any more … maybe beating Tennessee on the road or Clemson at home gets them to six wins.

4-6 (Tie). Vanderbilt

Prediction: 5-7 (2-6)
Best Case: 6-6
Worst Case: 2-8
Comment: Perhaps I’m being overly harsh at the bottom of the SEC East, but Vanderbilt will have a challenge in duplicating last year’s bowl season. The Commodores have three probable wins against Western Carolina, Miss State, and Army. Rice (road) and Georgia Tech (home) are tough non-conferences opponents and I believe Vandy splits … getting the Dores to four wins. That leaves LSU (road), Ole Miss (road), Georgia (home), South Carolina (road), Florida (road), Kentucky (home), and Tennessee (road) … tough to see more than one win from that group.

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