SEC Media Days Update – Tebow

Tim Tebow at the podium:

  • Feels this has been the best off-season in his time at Florida. Also does not know who did not vote him 1st-team All-SEC preseason team.
  • One of the main reasons he came back to UF was to be a good role model because of the platform his college prominence gives him (94 million people googled him about the eye-black stickers he wore in national title game).
  • On feedback from NFL … consulted only a few sources (mainly those known through Urban Meyer) and they had positive things to say, but their feedback was not a motivating factor in his decision.
  • On playing for any other SEC coach aside from Florida/Meyer … Tebow would have played at Alabama, primarily because he respected and liked then-Tide coach Mike Shula.
  • On guarding against complacency … be concerned about getting better not getting by. Tebow makes a good point of establishing a mindset that whatever you are doing right now should take precedence … not thinking that “just let me get through this so I can have free time” or something similar … a good philosophy for anyone not just football players.
  • On receiver being considered a potential weak spot on the Gators … returning receivers have a chip on their shoulders seeking to prove they have playmakers too.

OK- that’s it from 2009 media days … you can get transcripts of the meetings at the SEC website. I will not be here for Friday’s sessions with Tennessee, South Carolina, Auburn, and LSU.

Thanks for reading!

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